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Here are some testimonials from our first few workshops




It was very beneficial to understand oneself and others.  A fun and light way of revealing oneself and discovering the qualities of others.

A. Diamond Trammel

Pathways to Health and Peace Center , Pleasant Hill, California

I found the workshop to be fun and enlightening. Using Dog Types made it easy to identify personality traits. It was an eye-opener to see how to approach and build rapport with different personality types in different situations. This workshop can benefit anyone, whether they are a dog owner or not.

Leila Flores

Absolutely Simple, Danville, California

Dr. Scott has given us a simpler way to identify strengths, engage new people, and interact with colleagues via the Dog Type System. It’s a valuable tool for those passionate about enabling high performance teams

Douglas Birk

Agile Coach , St. Louis, Missouri

Fun and interesting introduction to a new way of learning about others to improve how you interact with each other to increase your business.

Jana Collins

CEO: Jones & O’Malley , Los Angeles, California

A novel, fun and interesting approach for determining personality traits…Fun and enlightening.

Norm Risorto

Pleasanton, California

Thank you for your time.  I really enjoyed the workshop!

Julie Risorto

Pleasanton, California


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