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The Workshop




We offer the following types of workshops, and can design a workshop for your group for:

Better relationships with friends and family members
Getting more customers and clients
Improving relationships and building teams in the workplace
Meeting and mingling for singles

A typical workshop is designed to be a fun, interactive program. It lasts  2-3 hours, and can be expanded into a 1-day or 2-day program.  It features the following phases:


Meeting and Greeting  15-20 minutes


Welcome and Introduction  5-10 minutes
An introduction to the workshop leaders, a brief description of the program, and choosing your favorite type of dog based on a description of different dogs.


Making Choices   10-15 minutes
Participants will share their choices and reasons with the whole group, in a group of 2-3 people, or with a partner.


Getting Into Groups by Type of Dog  5-10 minutes
People will get together in small groups with others who have chosen the same or similar type of dogs.


Group Activities   1 ½-2 hours
Group members will participate in various activities in their “Dog Teams” and share what happened in their team with the whole group.  Depending on the interests of participants, the activities can be oriented towards socializing and having fun, better understanding oneself and others, improving relationships in one’s person life or at work, or more success in business.


Concluding Wrap-Up   15-30 minutes
Participants will share on their experience and give feedback on the program in their teams or with the whole group.


Refreshments and More Socializing   20-30 minutes
If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact us about participating in one of our programs or of setting up a program for a group of 8 or more people.  Also contact us if you are interested in being one of our facilitators.   Please call or e-mail us to make arrangements.


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